84 project proposals under evaluation for the preparatory phase

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84 project teams have submitted proposals for the preparatory phase. At the end of June, the Research Council will decide on the funding of around thirty preparatory phase proposals to support the preparation of full proposals.

At the end of 2023, the SNSF launched four National Research Programmes (NRPs). Researchers have now submitted 321 pre-proposals. Around 900 applicants are participating in these pre-proposals, with an average of almost three applicants per pre-proposal. They cover many different disciplines. These figures confirm the interdisciplinary orientation of the programmes.

84 project proposals were received for NRP 82. The 84 teams are made up of 281 applicants - researchers and societal actors. For the first time, the transdisciplinary set-up of the NRP is being piloted by supporting societal actors as applicants. The range of disciplines covered is broad and balanced. The distribution by research institution is just as even. Universities, the ETH domain, universities of applied sciences and other research institutes are all represented within a range of 18% to 33%. The diversity of societal actors is reflected in the participation of administrative services, municipalities, cantonal and national authorities, as well as NGOs, foundations, consultancy centres and various associations.

Project proposals are currently being evaluated. The Steering Committee is supported by national and international experts covering all the relevant disciplines. Together with the members of the Steering Committee, they form the Evaluation Committee. By the end of June, the Research Council will decide which of the 30 or so preparatory-phase proposals will be invited to submit a full proposal. During the preparatory phase - the deadline for submission of full applications is early February 2025 - the selected project teams will receive CHF 20,000 for the final establishment of the transdisciplinary project teams and the detailed development of the project plan. The CHF 15.5 million available to NRP 82 will be used not only to fund the projects, but also this preparatory phase, the scientific evaluation and support of the projects, the measures for knowledge exchange, transdisplinarity and monitoring of the impact of the programme, as well as the programme synthesis. In the final year of the project phase, teams can also apply for "Transformation Accelerating Grants" to obtain financial support for a further year specifically dedicated to the implementation of research results.